Beaver activity at Mary S Young Park

Did a beaver plug up this culvert and create a pond which washed out the trail at Mary S. Young Park?
This temporary beaver home suggests there was lots of beaver activity at this location.

The wonderful accessibility of beaver activity makes this site in Mary S Young Park so fantastic! Anyone can use the paved path to easily experience the rapid changes beavers have made to the ecosystem, and it is all so up close and personal. See how these developers have brought down many large trees, flood the area and increase water volume by damming a small flowing creek. High amounts of precipitation in the fall and winter of 2016/2017 caused on of the parks paths to flood out behind massive and spectacular erosion. City workers are still trying to plan the best way to restore the path. We are working with them to determine if beavers were responsible and how to prevent excessive pooling from happening again at this site.


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