Beavers are builders!

One of our volunteers (you know who you are, Claire šŸ™‚ conceptualized emphasizing beavers as builders. As an educator, Claire pointed out the strength in using this phrase as a way to capture the imagination. I love it! Beavers are builders! They truly epitomize this role.

We got to see this first hand through unfortunate circumstances…someone at Mary S. Young Park breached all the dams (insert frowny face). I hadn’t been by in a number of weeks so I feared the worst – they had left, unable to overcome these urban obstacles.

But the next day……….EVIDENCE! New foliage placed precisely in the channel in that meticulous manner built only by beavers. And by the weekend the very light flow going through this small urban stream had slowed to a trickle.

Beavers, you builders! Let this be dedicated to your perseverance.


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