Heron Creek in MSY park

The main beaver complex at Mary S. Young Park is on Heron Creek, and this channel has many unique characteristics shaped by human and beaver hands over many years. The channel runs parallel to a gravel foot path where several dams block flow and divert water onto the soccer field. Looking from afar one would never guess there a perennial stream runs along this path. Thanks to the efforts of the Friends of Mary S. Young Park, invasive plant removal and the planting of many native plants, including red flowering currant, have shrouded this stream from view. What an amazing habitat! There through the shrubbery beavers work establish a new novel, working, complex, adaptive ecosystem.

Along this row of trees lies a pleasant little creek.
So many dragonflies now. Can anyone identify this bright red one?
Always building. But don’t be fooled – beavers don’t work as hard as generally assumed…

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