Saving a huge cottonwood at MSY

It might be too late – I’m gathering opinions on our next approach…

It’s the biggest tree in the area:



We caged it:


But you can see it is pretty well damaged. The tree is partially situated IN a beaver pond which has left part of it exposed:


Caging this part of the tree will prove challenging, and due to already sustained damage it may not be worth it.

Thoughts? Normally we’d let this go to the beavers, but this tree is MASSIVE, it’s the only one left where there used to be a several large cottonwoods:

Caged cottonwood directly right of these re-sprouting stumps

They are sprouting vigorously! Our concern is not the survival, but the time, cost, and labor involved in felling a huge tree, as well as a few intangibles – losing the biggest tree in the area, the use of the tree to one beaver (can one beaver really use this much tree?), and a few other minor concerns.

We appreciate any and all feedback!


2 thoughts on “Saving a huge cottonwood at MSY

  1. You should bring the wiring down into the water and prevent the beaver from chewing there also. We have lost one cedar to a beaver and another living one is girdled just like that and seems to be fine after 2 years but cedars are better at withstanding major damage.

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