The Original Beaver Zine – Beavers are Amaaaazing!

The beaver zine concept grew like an Oregon Ash tree from the mind of Dr. Ethan Seltzer, a professor in Portland State’s Urban Planning department. With help from Esther Lev, director of the Wetlands Conservancy here in Portland and graphic designer Kate Bingaman-Burt, a group (a class titled “Planning in the Pacific Northwest”, actually) came together to write 8 research papers which were then turned into pages for a zine.

A zine is an alternative, independently published magazine. They tend to be artistic, unique, and local. We are so happy with the way the first beaver zine turned out! Beaver Ambassadors have strong ambitions to add more volumes to the beaver zine collection.

You can check out the original zine and the research papers the zine was made from here, at the Wetlands Conservancy website!

The mini zines can be viewed on our site, here! And more will be added…


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