JGEMS project at MSY

I love all the acronyms! JGEMS = the Jane Goodall Environmental Middle School is based in the Salem area. MSY = Mary S. Young State Park, this one should be more familiar with the West Linn community…

Six JGEMS students launched the beaver project today! I provided background on beavers and the specifics of this site. They are helping to form a scientific question and collect important data which they will present to a panel of scientists next May. I wish I did this when I was in 8th grade!

The research is still in planning mode, but we’ll likely delineate beaver ponded area as well as complete beaver reach (how far from the pond do beavers go for food?) We’ll also collect basic data like type of vegetation around beaver ponds, changes in water level, and identification of other species like birds, small mammals, and herps.

Stay tuned to hear about our progress!

Garrett, Bat, Meghan, Elise, Owen, and Kyle – the student researchers!
Talking about cottonwood stumps and how to manage beavers in urban areas
Check out this beaver pond!



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