Managing our ecosystems

West Linn has taken prudent steps to preserve ecosystems for increased biodiversity in urban ecosystems. Managing an ecosystem includes holistic views, inclusive actions, and collective balance because ecosystems are extremely dynamic and always changing. I recently came across a great comparison (courtesy of Samantha Hamlin) highlighting the inclusive and flexible nature of ecosystem management:




Note how traditional management focuses on control, acts adversarial, and promotes economics. In contrast, ecosystem management seeks balance, allows for the uncertain changes in an ecosystem, and includes all stakeholders by making partnerships.

There is so much more I want to say about this slide, but I wish for the community to decide for themselves what it means to implement an ecosystem management approach. I have one last quote to include that really exemplifies the need to allow nature flexibility: “A flood is not a disturbance of a river. The absence of a flood is a disturbance of a river.”         – David Galat


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