Second Full Moon over West Linn! March 1st, 5:30pm, Willamette Park Wetlands

Many many thanks to everyone who participated in the first Full Moon over West Linn at Camassia Park! We were granted amazing weather on January 31st, but no moon because it was too overcast. That was ok, we had plenty to talk about including wolves, birds, beavers, and geology.

For the SNOW MOON, we have an incredible line up! I have updated our Full Moon over WL page to include brief introductions to all of our presenters. Keep checking in to ensure the weather will not impact the event (we’re keeping a close eye on it. Looks good so far!) and to stay updated on any other additions.

This is an all ages, activity oriented event. snowmoon2We look forward to seeing everyone there!


Cover image by John Mcsporran. You can see more of John’s amazing photography here. License.


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