Beaver, Nature, Oregon & Science TRIVIA!

When: June 7th, 2018. Starting at 7pm

Where: Willamette Ale & Cider House. 4546, 1720 Willamette Falls Dr, West Linn, OR 97068

Who: YOU! And your friends and family.

What: TRIVIA! The questions will be grouped into these topics: general science, Oregon, beavers, and natural science/natural history. If you LOVE trivia this will be a ball for you! If you’ve never trivia’d before, come on out and see what it’s all about! Don’t know anything about science or Oregon or beavers? That’s OK! This is intended to be a learning opportunity. The questions will range from easy to ridiculously difficult. The overall goal is to have a good time! Maybe learn a few interesting things on the way.


trivia flyer 1


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