Full Moon Over West Linn – Maddax Woods

Free! And FREE warm beverages!

  • Where: Maddax Woods
  • When: October 24th, 6:45pm (to about 8pm)
  • What: A community event for connecting our lives to natural processes
  • Who: This is an all-ages event. Everyone and anyone is encouraged to join us!

We’re excited to announce the fourth edition of FULL MOON OVER WEST LINN! The October full moon is commonly referred to as The Hunter’s Moon. As summer harvests would wrap up for the year native tribes and communities began to rely more heavily on hunting for fall and winter sustenance at a time when game animals would typically have more meat and fat content. Interesting tidbit: prior to the acceptance of the Gregorian Calendar, the Harvest Moon could have been in either September or October – which ever was closest to the fall equinox.

Come on out to Maddax Woods to learn more!



  • World Salmon Council “experiential education and encounters with Pacific wild salmon to connect students and adults with nature and empower community engagement.” Salmon play an important role in the history, economics, and identity of our beautiful state. Without good water quality our salmon deteriorate. The World Salmon Council will help us better understand their role in benefiting salmon and the importance of water quality for healthy fish.


  • Trackers Earth has been in Portland since 2004. Trackers “provide innovative education in nature connection and authentic outdoor skills. Camps and classes include outdoor skills, wild plants, archery, restoration and much more. Our organization and education models are collaborative. Our purpose is to create a village of connection to the land, accountability, common sense, and limitless enthusiasm.” Trackers does an amazing job of reconnecting our lives to the natural world by creating opportunities to experience the outdoors in ways we don’t typically consider. Their experts will be on hand to teach some basic archery skills and explain why the art of archery helps us focus, relax, and sense the world in a more absorbing way.


full moon maddax woods

We may also have a surprise feature!


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