Wildlife Infogaphics!

In our community I have begun to notice more chatter about wildlife encounters and that’s fantastic! Increased community awareness of natural process and natural resources is one of our main goals here at beaver ambassadors. With these reports I have also begun to notice some hesitation or uncertainty, if you will, about what to do, what you’re seeing, etc. In response I have an idea!

Like many other media consumers I love a good infographic. I’m am working to create a new infographic to inform our community about wildlife encounters! Unfortunately, my design skills are novice, and it’s a moderately complicated process… Until I’ve learned how I will start a new series called “Nature Infographics” under our “West Linn Beaver Resources” tab of already-created infographics (being very clear about citing the author!) I’ve added a few already! I will release new infographics every week, so check back!

If you have a good idea about an infographic or other information you’d like to know about send it our way and I’ll look into creating it!

Here is our first one about beavers! Designed by Victoria MalabrigoBeavers_Infographic.jpg


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