Short term solutions

A gravel path at Mary S Young park is flooding as a result of beavers damming a small creek (Heron Creek) along the path. Today I posed a question to high schoolers at West Linn High: What long-term solutions will help this flooding issue? Until then, I’ve been exploring short term fixes. Below I’ve created … More Short term solutions

Managing our ecosystems

West Linn has taken prudent steps to preserve ecosystems for increased biodiversity in urban ecosystems. Managing an ecosystem includes holistic views, inclusive actions, and collective balance because ecosystems are extremely dynamic and always changing. I recently came across a great comparison (courtesy of Samantha Hamlin) highlighting the inclusive and flexible nature of ecosystem management:   … More Managing our ecosystems

JGEMS project at MSY

I love all the acronyms! JGEMS = the Jane Goodall Environmental Middle School is based in the Salem area. MSY = Mary S. Young State Park, this one should be more familiar with the West Linn community… Six JGEMS students launched the beaver project today! I provided background on beavers and the specifics of this … More JGEMS project at MSY

Helping those who help us

Hurricane Harvey devastated homes and infrastructure as well as the ecosystem. Texas Monthly published a piece about rescuing animals including baby beavers. Wow, they are cute! Thanks to Heidi for bringing this to our attention!   The Wildlife Center of Texas accepts donations.    

The Original Beaver Zine – Beavers are Amaaaazing!

The beaver zine concept grew like an Oregon Ash tree from the mind of Dr. Ethan Seltzer, a professor in Portland State’s Urban Planning department. With help from Esther Lev, director of the Wetlands Conservancy here in Portland and graphic designer Kate Bingaman-Burt, a group (a class titled “Planning in the Pacific Northwest”, actually) came … More The Original Beaver Zine – Beavers are Amaaaazing!