Scientific name: Canis latrans

This one is from Florida, but all the info holds true for Oregon as well:

From Florida Fish and Wildlife
Infographic by Denny Cristales

Spanish translation:

This mammal is usually confused with the wolf, but they have several differences: the coat of the coyote is grayish or reddish brown, while that of the wolf is usually black, white or gray. The coyote is thinner and smaller in size than the wolf. The coyote has a thicker tail that almost drags him on the ground. Coyotes hunt in pairs; the wolves, in packs. The howl of the coyote is longer and sharper than the wolf’s. The coyote is more adaptable to the human being than the wolf. In fact, in the last few years, sightings of coyotes have been reported in residential areas towards the municipality of Garcia due to the fact that their habitat has been reduced by real estate developments.