Parks & Rec believe every young person in the West Linn community should have opportunities to interact and engage with the natural space and processes we have right here in West Linn. Beaver Ambassadors has worked with West Linn High School, Bolton Primary, Willamette Primary, and has even extended our community to a wonderful charter-based environmental school in Salem called the Jane Goodall Environmental Middle School.

We focus on bringing the classroom outside. Immersing students in nature allows them to follow their own path while we provide tools to help them explore. We conduct classroom exercises as well. The high school has participated in geographic information systems (GIS) lessons, excel tutorials, and environmental management projects. Primary students have learned topics about endangered species, adaptations, and environmental cycles. Click links below to see some of our own curriculum and other similar lessons we’ve borrowed!

Beaver Ambassador lessons:


Regional ecology lessons:

  • build a beaver
  • USFWS sensory scavenger hunt


beavers for education