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Do you have a beaver on your property but not sure what to do? We can help.

  • Pond levelers help control water depth and enables property owners to prevent excessive flooding
  • Culvert protectors prevent beavers from clogging drainage under roads or infrastructure
  • Tree cages can be placed around trees in a specific way to prevent beaver from felling property trees
  • Other methods include sand-based paint (beavers don’t like to eat trees with grit on them), beaver dam analogues (BDA) can promote beaver activity in a different location, and fish passage options when necessary
  • Site assessments to determine the best course of action
  • Relocation is possible, but is the final option because new beavers tend to move in thus recreating the issue.

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Other resources are available:

  • Beaver Solutions is an excellent resource and our structures are similar to their designs.
  • Beavers Northwest is a Seattle based non-profit advocating research, outreach, and landowner assistance for beaver related management.
  • Beaver Restoration Guidebook: A collaborative guide to working with beavers to restore streams, wetlands, and floodplains, prepared by members of the US Fish and Wildlife Service, NOAA, Portland State University, and the US Forest Service.
  • Martinez Beavers have been following beaver populations for ten years! They have amazing pictures, stories, and events to improve outreach about beavers in their hometown as well as around the country.