Meet the Beavers

***UPDATE*** Meet the Beavers is back! Starting Tuesday, July 9th at 8pm. Bring a camera 🙂

The Beaver Ambassadors project began at Mary S. Young Park in West Linn because of the incredible accessibility people have to view, experience, and understand beavers and their activity. Beavers built a home where a cement trail intersects their pond! They come out at almost the same time every day – 8pm. You can go see them on your own. However, the Beaver Ambassadors will be on location Tuesday nights throughout the summer (unless noted otherwise). We want the community to meet the beavers! We can learn from so much from this amazing species. For those community members who have found the trail conditions challenging or the loss of trees disheartening I encourage you to come out to meet us! We’ve been working to find a balance, but managing this species brings unique challenges. We love to hold dialogues with anyone who shows interest, we’re open to suggestions, and we love collaborative solutions! Plus, we’ll probably see a whole lot more. Beavers create homes for all sorts of other plants and animals.

What & Where: Meet the Beavers at Mary S. Young Park

When: Tuesday nights throughout the month of July 2019. 8pm-9:30pm

Who: Anyone who enjoys nature! I’m a dog lover, but please leave your canine at home. This will make for better wildlife interactions.

Why: Have you seen a beaver before? If not, this is a perfect opportunity. If you have we’d love to have you share your experience and enjoy another with us!