Nature Walks

West Linn is filled with Wildlife. Follow our guides on short tours where we might be able to point out some awesome creatures you may not have noticed on trails you walk every day!

  • When: Mondays, early evening – 5:30pm, June – September This gives everyone a chance to start the week off right by taking a nice, fresh breath of the outdoors after work and before dinner. Our walks generally won’t take longer than an hour.
  • Where: At a different park every week! Check our calendar!
  • Who: Everyone is invited! Please be aware of park policy (i.e. – no dogs at Camassia).
  • Why: We NEED to get outside. Even me – this major advocate for outdoors and nature – I find myself inside all the time. I know you’re busy. I’m busy. I know you need to get home to your kids, you had a rough day at the office, your spouse needs you to pick up eggs at the store. But then we hear the headlines: Kids are inside too much and it’s really bad for development and mental health of all ages. I’ll let everyone else give you all the reasons to GO OUTSIDE! Instead I’ll give you three simple reasons to join us:
  1.  You’ll have the opportunity to walk with natural scientists and area experts who can point out things you’ve never seen or stories that add to our sense of place.
  2. A sense of camaraderie will help promote these short, easy activities as a  habit!
  3. These are designed to be short, accessible excursions. Easy to get to, within the City (or extremely close by). We want to really encourage participation by making this an easy thing to do!

Finally, I’m comfortable with making a guarantee: I promise you will enjoy these walks! I promise you will get out of this time more than you put in. How can I make these promises? I’ve never ever heard anyone complain about going for a little walk. Even if something unexpected happens (i.e. – getting by a bee) the unconscious and subconscious benefits will outweigh the brief moments of discomfort.

I look forward to seeing you there!




Featured image take by Tonia McConnell.